The Company

W.i.p. srl operates in the field of sports both outdoor and indoor, which direct manufacturer of equipment and furnishings for all sports, in the manufacture of tension structures, supply and installation of sports flooring and construction of sports facilities of quality "keys in hand". The thirty years of senior management experience, combined with the irrefutable principle that companies are made by the men who lend their skills and intelligence, has brought Wip to count among its customers and public administration schools, private, such as construction companies, Sports, sports clubs, associations and sports federations. Our strong point is the fusion of important concepts such as know-how, human resources, consulting and technical support, manufacturing plant, specialization of mastery, means d 'work and high-tech equipment, and the use of quality products, we presented as an effective partner of the customer. The 'Technical Department, in addition to ensuring a professional advice, assists clients in the design and implementation of any type of sports facility. The careful calculations, the experimental analysis, the materials of the first order and designs innovative, provide the recipient structures and products that are compliant with the regulations that govern the proper building and safety of 'use.

The workforce is highly specialized in the production and installation of structures of roofs arched steel, modular stands, sports equipment and furniture, and in the installation and maintenance of sports surfaces such as artificial turf, wood parquet flooring, rubber and resin . Sports equipment and furnishings of local service remain, however, our flagship. Built in full compliance with the regulations on safety and the dictates of the various sports federations together with the functional and aesthetic pleasure, are, for over thirty years, hundreds of sports facilities for top-level competitions and international. E 'with this strong image that today W.i.p. It aims to a changing market and increasingly expanded.